7 Basic Bodybuilding Tips

If you want to get ripped and get that incredible definition you have to lower the overall fat in your body. There are two ways you can do this effectively.

Eat properly. Like an automobile, your body needs the proper fuel to work and be efficient. Take the time to learn a little bit about proper nutrition. Check into your local adult education classes and you may find they offer classes on nutrition and perhaps healthy cooking as well. If you are a member of a gym or fitness club, they most likely have nutritionists on staff that can point you in the right direction and down the right grocery aisle. Take a spin around the World Wide Web and you will find a vast wealth of information. Self education is always a good thing but consult your doctor for nutrition information regarding any medical condition you may have and any medication you may be taking. Nutrition, along with responsible health care, is a must for any health and fitness plan.

Bodybuilders should be training at their optimal heart rate, which is 50 to 60 percent of their maximum heart rate. There are several steps to calculating this number.

When you think of the word “diet,” you may think of deprivation. In the case of a men’s gymnastics olympics 2012 diet, you will not go hungry. Your diet will refer to the choices you make each day when it comes to food. If you will be working out a lot and want to build muscle, you do not want to starve yourself. Your body is going to need energy in order to keep running.

But I understand those of you who hate going to the gym and if it’s been a long time since you’ve worked out, here’s my advice: Start over! Just start slow – don’t work out so much that you are so sore that you can’t move the next day. But do go back. Just keep starting over. The more you start over, the less time goes by between visits. You will thank yourself as you can move with ease, bend over to pick up a box and twist to see the cars behind you. You’ll be healthier and you’ll feel better and stronger.

When on a cutting diet and trying to get very lean, some bodybuilders will further increase a calorie deficit AND increase exercise volume. This can lead to an increase state of exercise induced stress and catabolism beyond that of a normal bodybuilder on a fat loss regime. Competitive bodybuilders come to mind in this instance. Glutamine may help reduce the stress and exercise related catabolism because it’s beyond that of normal exercise induced stress.

New clients who come to me with poor postural alignment are banned from benching (gasp) until their spinal alignment, shoulder girdle, and shoulder joint have been corrected. Being unable to retract the shoulder blades and maintain that position throughout each set will significantly decrease the effectiveness of the bench press.

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