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Of course, it’s troubling to think that police can start or stop writing a ticket, as if it’s some sort of spigot, to express their rage. What other public servants have that sort of tool at their fingertips?

But if the police are doing this, there are some benefits.

The news media has been hard at work tracking down the handful of protesters and others who did or even wrote something violent in order to stereotype the entire Black Lives Matter movement as violent. And when there isn’t something, the news media has resorted to doctoring footage.

William Lynch III

Vice President, New Business Initiatives, Bill Lynch Associates, LLC

L.A. has long maintained an image in America as a progressive, cutting-edge, and trend-setting environment. So it should come as a huge shock that regarding the treatment of children in the juvenile justice system – Los Angeles may be the most backward major metropolitan area in the nation.

The real test of a community is not its immediate reaction to grief — but its tenacity. Even after a shooting that rocked us to the core, we can’t turn inward. Even after plummeting into a vortex of grief, we can’t turn isolationist. Even after numbness, we can’t turn away.

Jack Levison

Author, ‘Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life’

What explains the view that disclosing information about a person’s medical history or financial status, regardless of motive, is destructive and should be punished by law, but that disclosing pictures of a person’s naked body is trivial and should not be punished unless motivated by a desire to harm the victim?

Mary Anne Franks

Associate Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law; Legislative Tech Policy Director, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Nothing drives me crazier than people with phony service dogs. I can’t count the times I have been at a well-attended event to find a cute Pekinese decked out in a tiny service dog vest. This “service dog” spends most of the evening barking and nipping at heels when he is placed on the floor.

The promise of a second impression is to simplify the job search for people with records and to leverage consumer power to either support progressive employers or put pressure on employers who fail to adopt more progressive hiring policies.

Are we going to be bullied by the NRA muscle forever because a giant list of celebrities supports them? Do they carry weapons to protect and defend their mega-mansions?

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