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That our relationship with food, and its implications for our health, and that of the planet, are rather badly broken is quite clear. The better we can all say exactly how it’s broken, the more likely any of us is to live long enough — to see it fixed.

People look for the quick fix, to produce the weight loss for them. There isn’t one. There is no timeline on a successful weight loss. Consider weight loss the byproduct of a lifestyle that includes eating food that nourishes you, and being active.

Fact is, if we ate more mindfully, many of us wouldn’t even need an actual diet plan to lose excess weight and feel better about ourselves and our bodies in the present moment.

What we eat determines our health. It also decides the health of our planet. In the newly proposed Dietary Guidelines, the US is finally moving towards acknowledging the fundamental connections between human and planetary health.

Johan Rockström

Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University

Although the focus of our cognitive behavioral approach to permanent weight loss is on helping people change how they think so they can make long lasting changes in their eating, we do provide them with certain guidelines about food.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

World Expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and President of Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Good food, as much as anything, is a determining factor in who we are going to be tomorrow and years down the road. Many experts say certain foods can help to slow down the aging process and fights disease. Plus, when you eat well, you look and feel better.


Emmy award-winning Journalist; Producer; Author of “The New Single”

You want to know Tanya Zuckerbrot. Stunning, smart–and most importantly she can make you thin. But this well-known nutritionist won’t make you eat cabbage for 6 weeks or live without carbs.

Melissa Meyers

Tastemaker Style Expert for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle

In my work helping others who find themselves obsessing about food or feeling unhappy about their eating and their weight, I find that they have the same experience. It’s tempting to want to restrict what you eat, but it ultimately leads to a vicious cycle. So I wanted to share with you five techniques that really work for me.

Katie Seaver

Inspiring women who are tired of dieting and want to eat intuitively and lusciously.

As hoped, Brian and I see eye to eye. The factors that influence what people choose to do with food matter, but so too do the foods chosen, and what they do to the people. We need not choose to focus on one of these, and neglect the other.

While it’s nationally recognized that we are in the midst of an “obesity epidemic,” our response remains gravely inadequate. Imagine handling the ebol…

Tim Ward

Author, publisher, teacher, and traveler

Sustainable dietary guidelines are not a new idea — Drs. Joan Gussow and Kate Clancy, two food systems experts, first argued for them in a seminal 1986 article in Journal of Nutrition Education.

Pam Koch

Researcher and educator who connects food systems, nutrition education, and public policy.

Traditions die slowly if at all. The executive physical offered by hospitals and larger medical practices incorporating an exercise test, alone or coupled with echo or nuclear heart imaging, has a long history of use.

Joel Kahn, M.D.

America’s Heart Attack Prevention Doc and author of The Whole Heart Solution. Professor of Cardiology. Owner of a vegan bistro in Detroit.

Parents usually have their kids’ best interest in mind. They want them to grow healthy, acquire eating habits that promote wellness, and have beautiful, strong teeth. So how come kids are drinking so much sugar, an ingredient on the top of the list of foods to consume-less-of?

In nutrition, though, we have long allowed foxes to guard the hen house. The easy access of Kraft to an apparent endorsement by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is only the latest example, and by no means the worst.

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