My Diet Story – :

Over the past seven years I had packed on 110 pounds.  I knew this was a problem when I started gaining, but whenevr I spoke with my doctor they blythly told me to eat less and exercise more.  Except I had not changed my eating or exercise, the weight just climbed.  I knew something more was wrong, but no one took me seriously.  The worst was when at 25, I was told I was getting older and a decrease in energy and some weight gain should be expected.  No one should feel that old at an age.

 After about three years of struggling to to keep my weight under control and get a doctor to listen to my explanation that I felt something was off, I reached a point where I could not longer wake up in the morning.  With that problem I finally found a doctor who recommended a sleep study, where I was diagnised with mild sleep apnea. 

Unfortunatley, all these studies on how lack of sleep cause weight gain had not been completed, so my diagnosis with a  mild case left me without treatment options according to my health insurers.  The doctor was sympathetic, but sent me on my way with the admonition that losing weight would help my sleep.  Ignoring the obvious that my weight gain was because of my lack a proper nights sleep. 

I struggled with gaining and losing a little each time I tried my best to diet with the ultimate outcoming being that the scaled crept up in the end.  So a few months ago I decided something drastic needed to me done. 

I found a medically supervised diet that restricted my calories to 800-900 a day.  Called the cookie diet, I eat 5-6 specially made ‘cookies’, which are more like nutritional bars a day adn one real meal.  I can engage in limited exercise (which I miss) because it is unhealthy and counterproductive to have your calories too restricted.

I have lost almost 50 pounds in five months.  Even with a brief period where the weight stopped coming off, causing the doctor to conclude that my border-line low thyroid test indicated a real problem for me.  Everyone’s body is different, so falling in a range, especially when you are at the low end of the range, may actually mean you are outside what is normal functioning for your body.  With the addition of some thyroid medication I am back on track.

I miss food and exercise, but I know this is temporary.  I am going to start sharing my experiences and challenges so others who feel that they are losing their minds know they are not alone.  And if I can do this, then there is hope for everyone.

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