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You have been worrying about it all day long. Finally, another night passes and you are still facing the same problem… you suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction! Impotence plagues almost 30 million men… young and old! In fact, not only does impotence cause you not to get an erection. Surveys have said that men who consistently struggle with impotence also: 1. Are more likely to perform poorly at work.

2. Are more likely to have marital and family problems.

3. Have a lower self-esteem and self-image.

4. Are more likely to suffer from depression.

Impotence can create havoc in your life and it is time to get your life back today. Did you know that you can naturally cure your impotence with NO side-effects from impotence medication? Here is what one of our readers said about our report and research on the subject of impotence.

“Your research is astounding. I have a prescription for Viagra, but your report was so much better with NO side effects at all. I’m an extremely happy guy. Thank You!”

We guarantee that you will be just as satisfied with our research on male impotence. To get you started curing your erectile dysfunction, please take some time to see how your diet can help reverse impotence.

How to Cure Impotence with Your Diet

1. Lessen the Load! Most of the time, the cause of impotence is a high fat diet that can block the blood flow to your erection. Make sure you avoid: fast food, processed foods, some desserts, and some grains. Check the label!

2. Cut Cholesterol! “You need to keep the arteries to the genitals open, and the way to do that is with a low fat, low-cholesterol diet,” says nutritional medicine specialist Michael A. Klaper, M.D. Watch the foods from animal and animal-based products which can cause cholesterol and impotence problems.

3. Fiber is Fantastic! High fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables and some grains are helpful to keep the body cleaned out! Consider these food delicious food choices to help with impotence: Pears, Blueberries, Apples (with skin), Strawberries, Peas, Baked Potatoes, Spaghetti (whole grain), oatmeal and much more.

4. Load up on legumes! Legumes are healthy and also have fiber! Lentils, black beans, lima beans and canned baked beans might be a great option to work in with meals!

5. A simple diet! A vegetarian or modified vegetarian diet is best. However, try to keep your diet non-processed with fresh foods whenever possible.

6. Start big and finish small. Make lunch a major meal of the day and eat a light dinner early in the evening, preferably between 5 and 6pm.

7. Ginkgo is Great! “Supplements of the herb ginkgo, found in most health food stores, can improve blood flow to the genital arteries and veins, which may help reverse impotence,” says herbalist James Green.

8. Why not Water! Water constitutes almost 75% of your body! Water has been called the elixir of life and can benefit the ‘whole body’ and your sex life! Instead of coffee, soda or juice… try water!

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